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Podcast #1: When Geeks Go Outside: with Trey Reilly

Our first guest on http://www.chasingthemind.com is Trey Reilly, veteran LARPer (Live Action Role-Play). Trey has been involved in the LARPing community for decades. She has written, co-written, run and staffed a number of LARPs over the years, and her games have been played on five continents.

It would be difficult to find a person who is more passionate or more eloquent in describing the intricate world of Live Action Role-Playing (LARP), than Trey Reilly. For those of us with little understanding or experience with these theatrical games, Trey brings these campaigns to life. She describes the logistics of everything that goes into writing and designing the game, and she details the care that is given to creating a world in which every person can find a way to be powerful, and ultimately, triumphant. Trey explains the ways in which this medium helps sharpen the interpersonal skills of each player, and creates a community in which players learn to rely on themselves and each other to solve complex problems. She also expounds on how LARPing became a place where women and minorities could tell their unique stories in a creative and safe space. Finally, Trey offers resources to those who are interested in exploring what the LARPing community has to offer.

Thank you Trey Reilly for being our guest and sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

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Trey Reilly, found a D&D boxed set sitting in her mother’s closet when she was 12, and it was all downhill from there. She’s written, co-written, run, and staffed a number of LARPs over the years, including Svaha (a 3-year sci-fi LARP campaign), a series of Divus Ex games, Speed Dating, and Madrigal 2.  Her games have been played on five continents, which (according to Trey) is way less impressive than it sounds.

Join us for a conversation about the theatrical world of LARPing, and the ways players find ways to be triumphant in their imagined roles and in real life.