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Upcoming Guest: Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson is the Sound Engineer and Producer of Chasing the Mind. In his real life, he is a software engineer who designs military simulations. For the past 20 years, Kevin has participated in the World Championship Punkin Chunk. Kevin and his fellow teammates (all engineers–go figure) compete in the Torsion Division with Mista Ballista. The team has been featured on the History Channel and the Science Channel. Kevin also is married to Dr. Angela (lucky guy!) so he was only a “little coerced” into being a guest on Chasing the Mind. Tune in to hear Kevin talk…about his passion for launching vegetables and his love of building and destroying things. And hear the story of how his love of catapults was born!

Podcast #7: Helping Kids Bounce with Dr. Kate Lund


In this episode of Chasing the Mind, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie talk to Dr. Kate Lund, clinical psychologist and performance coach. Dr. Lund has been working with students, athletes, and teams for the past ten years. In her recent book, Bounce: Help your child build resilience and thrive in school, sports and life, Dr Lund discusses how recovering from her own childhood illness set the foundation for her own work in helping children develop resilience in the face of serious challenges. Dr. Lund discusses the pillars of resilience, and outlines ways to help children reach their full potential.

Dr. Lund is also the author of a children’s book, Putter and the Red Car, which tells the story of a family moving cross-country through the eyes of a frisky Airedale Terrier, Putter. Putter’s story teaches children how to cope with change.

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Dr. Kate Lund is a licensed clinical psychologist and performance coach with more than fifteen years of experience. She has specialized training in medical psychology from Shriner’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She is also an adjunct professor in Psychology at Bastyr University in Seattle.

Dr. Lund uses a strengths-based approach in working with students, athletes and teams to improve their mental game in school, sports, and life while helping them to reach their full potential. Dr. Lund has written a children’s book, Putter and the Red Car, and her current book, Bounce-Help Your Child Build Resilience and Thrive in School, Sports and Life is for parents, educators, coaches, community leaders, and anyone who has an active interest in helping children to become resilient and realize their potential.

Join Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie for a look into what helps kids be more resilient, on the playing field and in life.