Angela M. Johnson, PSY.D.


Dr. Angela Johnson has been a mental health practitioner for over 15 years. She graduated with a doctorate in clinical and forensic psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in 2005, and she has been licensed since 2007.

Dr. Johnson has had a varied career. She has evaluated hundreds of criminal offenders, and she has testified as an expert in high-stakes trials involving civil commitment of sexually dangerous offenders. Dr. Johnson has experience in forensic and mental health assessments, cognitive and personality testing, as well as providing psychotherapy to individuals and groups in both clinical and correctional settings.

In addition to her work as a psychologist, Dr. Johnson has been a guest lecturer and professor at Roger Williams University. She is currently writing a book on the marriage of mindfulness and motivation in creating lasting change.

Dr. Johnson hosts a weekly podcast called Chasing the Mind, which explores the art and science of psychology. From her kitchen table, Dr. Johnson brings listeners into informed, yet informal discussions of topics ranging from LARPing, and Wonder Woman to the challenges of invisible disabilities and social injustice.

Dr. Johnson lives in Quincy, Massachusetts with her husband Kevin, and their sons Graham and Daniel. She is also mother to Barkley (a 104 pound Labradoodle) and six chickens.

Exploring psychology as art and science

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