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Episode #9: Sweet Reality with Laura Heffernan

In this episode of Chasing the Mind, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie talk to Laura Heffernan, romance novelist and author of the new book Sweet Reality. They discuss the guilty pleasure of reality television, the process of writing a novel, and the pros and cons of writing steamy love scenes. Laura shares her love of cupcakes, comedy, and pole fitness.

Also, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie introduce some new segments to the show, including more conversations about different topics in psychology in Psych Corner and a new feature where Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie will diagnose a character from a movie! Listeners make your suggestions by email at or tweet us @chasingthemind #DiagnoseThisMovie.

And don’t forget the next episode is a Talk Balk session, so send us your questions!

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Episode 8.5: Back to School

Today, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie tell you what every college student should know about how to get on their professor’s good side. Plus we look ahead to our interview with Laura Heffernan and our next Talk Back episode! Please send you questions to or post on our Facebook page

As a fun extra, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie want to hear from listeners for a new segment where we diagnose a character from a movie, television show, or literary character. Tweet us your ideas at #favorite @chasingthemind.

Shout out to Reasonable Risk Podcast where Dr. Angela was a guest for the most recent episode. Join Michael and Dr. Angela for a discussion on sex offender recidivism, stranger danger, and why your kids will probably be just fine. You can link to the episode below.

Episode #8: Cider Spoon Stories with Jessica Hagemann

Today Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie talk to Jessica Hagemann, a professional ghostwriter, who helps people tell their stories. From a young man who recovered from a stroke and then wrote a book on communication, to a mom of seven who wasn’t sure her life was interesting enough to fill a book, Jessica helps each one of these people give voice to their individual journeys.  Jessica reflects on her first experience writing the memoir of her grandfather Jack, who was a retired arson investigator in Kansas, and the surprising things that even Jessica’s mother didn’t know until she read the book. Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie reflect on the way that Cider Spoon Stories captures the universality of the human experience one story at a time.

Cider Spoon Stories also gives back to the community by donating their time to a yearly storytelling project, this years compilation is Whispers: Healing & Triumph after Sexual Assault. A part of the proceeds go to a local rape crisis center and the remainder goes to support the next community storytelling project. Please see the link below: 

For more information or to sign up for local or online workshops, please visit

Upcoming Guest: Laura Heffernan

Laura Heffernan is bringing geeky realness to a bookshelf near you. When not watching total strangers get married, drag racing queens, or cooking competitions, Laura enjoys board games, travel, board games, baking, and board games. She lives in the northeast with her husband and two furry little beasts.

Laura loves connecting with readers. Find her on her website,, Facebook,, or on Twitter at, where she spends far too much time tweeting about reality TV and Canadian chocolate.


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Podcast #7: Helping Kids Bounce with Dr. Kate Lund


In this episode of Chasing the Mind, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie talk to Dr. Kate Lund, clinical psychologist and performance coach. Dr. Lund has been working with students, athletes, and teams for the past ten years. In her recent book, Bounce: Help your child build resilience and thrive in school, sports and life, Dr Lund discusses how recovering from her own childhood illness set the foundation for her own work in helping children develop resilience in the face of serious challenges. Dr. Lund discusses the pillars of resilience, and outlines ways to help children reach their full potential.

Dr. Lund is also the author of a children’s book, Putter and the Red Car, which tells the story of a family moving cross-country through the eyes of a frisky Airedale Terrier, Putter. Putter’s story teaches children how to cope with change.

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Podcast #6: The Psychological Profile of the Alt Right BONUS EPISODE!

Today on Chasing the mind we look at a recent paper that explores the psychological profile of those who identify as Alt Right. The study found that participants who self-identified as alt right scored higher on questions related to social dominance, Dark Triad traits (narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy), and they reported higher levels of dehumanizing groups perceived as “other.” Some suggested lessons that can be drawn from the study are also included.

The study by Patrick Forscher and Nour Kteily can be found here:

Also we share a bit of what happened after we were officially done recording episode 5…we call it the “After Party.”

Podcast #5: Talk Back

Ask us Anything and Round Up Discussion with Dr. Angela & Dr. Stephanie

What is the brain of a psychopath like? How do you take care of yourself when you have a job in the helping professions? What was that thumping in episode 1? Today Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie answer listener questions and talk about the first four episodes of Chasing the Mind. Learn about Dr. Stephanie’s love of pottery and Dr. Angela’s thoughts about the benefits of meditation. And as always, please take a moment to rate and review this episode, and share it with your friends. You can visit us at to hear past episodes and to see profiles of upcoming guests. You can also find us on Facebook, follow us on twitter @chasingthemind, or email us at



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Podcast #4: Bartender without the Booze with Taylor Nogueira

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and the average woman can spend up to $1800 a year on her hair alone. The pressure on women to be attractive is not just cultural; in fact, studies have shown that being perceived as more attractive equates to higher income. Taylor Nogueira has been a hair stylist for nine years. She has seen how media influences like celebrities and fashion-icons can drive women to have unrealistic expectations. Her clients can then expect her to create “miracle make-overs in 45 minutes or less”. Taylor has also heard more than her share of secrets standing behind her chair. She has learned how to read people, create an intimate space for her clients to vent, and present herself as persistently cheerful and supportive. Today, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie get to hear about what goes on in the beauty salon from the other side.

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