Episode 8.5: Back to School

Today, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie tell you what every college student should know about how to get on their professor’s good side. Plus we look ahead to our interview with Laura Heffernan and our next Talk Back episode! Please send you questions to info@chasingthemind.com or post on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/chasingthemindpodcast/

As a fun extra, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie want to hear from listeners for a new segment where we diagnose a character from a movie, television show, or literary character. Tweet us your ideas at #favorite @chasingthemind.

Shout out to Reasonable Risk Podcast where Dr. Angela was a guest for the most recent episode. Join Michael and Dr. Angela for a discussion on sex offender recidivism, stranger danger, and why your kids will probably be just fine. You can link to the episode below.


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