Podcast #7: Helping Kids Bounce with Dr. Kate Lund


In this episode of Chasing the Mind, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie talk to Dr. Kate Lund, clinical psychologist and performance coach. Dr. Lund has been working with students, athletes, and teams for the past ten years. In her recent book, Bounce: Help your child build resilience and thrive in school, sports and life, Dr Lund discusses how recovering from her own childhood illness set the foundation for her own work in helping children develop resilience in the face of serious challenges. Dr. Lund discusses the pillars of resilience, and outlines ways to help children reach their full potential.

Dr. Lund is also the author of a children’s book, Putter and the Red Car, which tells the story of a family moving cross-country through the eyes of a frisky Airedale Terrier, Putter. Putter’s story teaches children how to cope with change.

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