Podcast #4: Bartender without the Booze with Taylor Nogueira

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and the average woman can spend up to $1800 a year on her hair alone. The pressure on women to be attractive is not just cultural; in fact, studies have shown that being perceived as more attractive equates to higher income. Taylor Nogueira has been a hair stylist for nine years. She has seen how media influences like celebrities and fashion-icons can drive women to have unrealistic expectations. Her clients can then expect her to create “miracle make-overs in 45 minutes or less”. Taylor has also heard more than her share of secrets standing behind her chair. She has learned how to read people, create an intimate space for her clients to vent, and present herself as persistently cheerful and supportive. Today, Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie get to hear about what goes on in the beauty salon from the other side.

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