Podcast #3: The Secret Life of Wonder Woman with Brad Sultan

Did you know that for a time after World War II, only three Superheros remained in the comic universe, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman? Brad Sultan, lawyer, comic book nerd, collector of silent film movie posters, and expert 70’s game show historian does. He can rattle off the details about comic book history better than most people. Today, Brad joins Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie for an expansive conversation about Wonder Woman, from her beginnings as a Nazi-fighting, defender of America, to her most recent incarnation as a god-like Warrior, In between she has been portrayed as a secretary, a baby, a Wonder Girl, a mystery solver, and Ms. Steve Trevor. Drawing on the book by Jill Lepore, The Secret History of Wonder Woman, we also discuss the rather intriguing background of the man behind this powerful feminist icon, William Moulton Marsten, and his unique inspiration for creating a female superhero more powerful than any man. This interesting discussion covers comic book history, bondage, kink, feminism, the lack of representation of female superheros in comics and film, and of course, Wonder Woman.

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