Podcast #2: Crossing My Fingers; Hope Not to Die: with Dr. Stephanie Wellen Levine

Join Dr. Angela and Dr. Stephanie for this fascinating conversation with Dr. Stephanie Wellen Levine as they discuss her upcoming book which details her “lifelong quest for insight into what might happen to our amazing selves and consciousnesses after we die.” Dr. Levine chronicles her early exposure to the reality of death, and the ways in which her obsession with this fact has shaped much of her life. She has spent much of her waking (and dreaming) hours contemplating the possibility of life after death. Her fear has driven her to explore various spiritual paths in search of evidence that her individual self might continue to exist in some way after the end of her corporeal existence. Dr. Levine’s journey leads to some unique places; studying with a Christian Evangelical college group, visiting a town populated with mediums and psychics, and giving a convent a test-run. Dr. Levine has sought to communicate with the deceased; she has tried astral projection; she has left no spiritual fringe stone unturned–all in her attempts to gather sufficient evidence to quell her terror. While Dr. Levine’s existential fear is palpable at times, she also presents her quest with a dry wit, and self-deprecating humor. She evaluates her experiences with a keen, critical mind. Thank you Dr. Levine for sharing your personal journey with us today.

You can read more of Dr. Levine’s work at The Wisdom Daily and Hevria. She has also written a popular book Mystics, Mavericks, and Merrymakers: An Intimate Journey among Hasidic Girls, which won Moment Magazine’s Emerging Writer Award for Nonfiction and was chosen for the national Hadassah Book Club.

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